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Parallel Lines
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"Thanks. I read it in 2 days. Really enjoyed it."

Dave W.

United Kingdom

(see more reader comments below the following author blurb!)

Join the readers avidly following Paul Butler's exploits. CLICK THE GREEN BUTTON ABOVE to receive an email that will enable you to choose the file format that suits your reading device, and start reading today!

Why am I giving away this book after spending a LOT of my time and effort writing it?

It's because I'm a virtually unknown author swimming in a sea of established authors.

If you enjoy the yarn, please consider sharing my website address with a friend. And if you like the story and characters in Super Duty, you'll hopefully find yourself buying and enjoying the next book(s) in the series - available by searching Daniel K Munroe on Amazon or almost any other digital book platform, including most recently, Fable. Hence I'm very happy for you to enjoy Super Duty for free!

Thank you for helping support my journey towards writing full time ... so that I can try to keep up with the demand for more Paul Butler stories!

TRUST? I realize it's hard to trust anything you see on the web these days. Feel free to dive across to and type Daniel K Munroe into the search bar. That way you will see that I'm genuine. And if you still don't trust the free offer on my website, you can always go ahead and buy Super Duty for a mere US$1.99 while you're at Amazon.   :-)

Now, where was I?

Oh, yeah. Steal back a stolen car? What could possibly go wrong?

Join the readers avidly following Paul Butler's exploits.
CLICK THE GREEN BUTTON ABOVE to receive an email that will enable you
to choose the file format that suits your reading device, and start reading today!

Take care,


From Readers:

Great read, just been away and it was a good book to read

while relaxing by the pool.
Nicola H.
United Kingdom

"Read all 3 books, fantastic read, I could not put them down! Love the characters and the action and I am waiting for book No 4!
Best regards and greetings from Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Your fan, Klaus."

"Just finished Super Duty. Wow, action packed from beginning to the end. Great job. Thanks and keep up the good work. I've already purchased Boss and Challenger on Amazon."

Dan C


Approx. 1 week later: "I finished BOSS and Challenger.  Both great books.  Thanks.  What’s the ETA for Book 4?"


"Make sure you're half way through the book coming up to the weekend or a holiday. It gets very hard to put down as the excitement and tension build right until the end."

Kindle Reviewer

"Fantastic read, after a slow start I couldn't put it down as the action kept ramping up and up. Great characters and action sequences, I had no idea what was going to happen next and loved the ride."
Kindle Reviewer

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About Super Duty:
Paul Butler, ex-cop, widower, and self-confessed car nut, has moved to California to work as chauffeur for billionaire car enthusiast, David Harrington. Living on the grounds of a country estate and maintaining a fleet of desirable cars, he’s in motoring heaven.

However, despite a growing friendship with his employer, Paul soon finds himself caught in a clinch with Harrington’s provocatively flirtatious wife. Expecting to be fired, he instead receives a totally unexpected reprieve. But there’s a catch.

He feels compelled to help with a simple plan to secretly reclaim a stolen car, a rare 1973 Pontiac Trans Am Super Duty.

A ‘simple’ trip into the desert soon becomes a desperate game of survival, a game with no rules, and one where he has no idea who the mystery players are. Plus Harrington has disappeared.

Caught in the middle of something much bigger than a stolen car, Paul is reluctant to trust anyone but himself until he knows what’s going on. After a deadly chase across desert highways and a running gun battle in an abandoned mining town, he’s leaving a mounting body count behind him in his determination to locate and confront Harrington … and to find out why people are dying to possess the Super Duty.

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About Me

I'm really not that interesting!

However ... I do try to make my writing compelling, and as exciting as possible. Years ago, I came across a piece of writing advice that said something like, "Write the books you've always wanted to read, but nobody has written yet."

So that's what I've done.


Yes, it's very much larger-than-life fiction. But it's written within the constraints of what a physically fit, intelligent, and somewhat trained person could (hopefully) achieve if pushed hard enough.

Give the stories a try.

Oh, and a final thought. If you're not a 'car person', please don't hesitate. While there is a motoring thread within the stories, the action is much more about the people than it is about the machinery.


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